Why (another) Blog?

Why (another) Blog?

Because I have a hankering for speaking life into those who are weary, a somewhat twisted (according to the hubby) desire to enter into craziness with those who feel they are drowning in it, and to document this fast moving river of life before it all dries up before me and I forget.

Because my marketable skills have long since expired as a result of forgoing continuing education hours in order to nurse my babies and coral kids-

Because grappling with words reaches a depth of my heart a conversation with a friend over caffeine occasionally may not touch-


In a nut shell, that is why I am contributing my two cents to the ever increasing blogosphere. I can assure you I have nothing new to say.  I have not mastered any area of life, friendship, errand running, living off the land, making my kid’s clothes, marriage or child rearing that would give me license to share my expertise.

My oldest is not yet 10. Consequently, the jury is still out as to whether we have produced Godly, productive, humble citizens.

More than once I have been found curled up on the toilet seat behind a locked door eating my children’s chocolate chips repeating to myself

…Lord, confirm to me the work of my hands! Confirm to me the work of my hands! (Psalm 90)

In summation, I am a wife and a homemaker, a mom to four kids and a homeschool teacher, a sister, daughter, and a friend.

With a laptop and a prayer, I am plunging forward into the great unknown, asking the Holy Spirit to make this blog one of His avenues to encourage those who are thirsty in a very dry world.

And who knows? Maybe a chuckle might unexpectedly burst from your throat leaving a smile in its wake, opening the gates for His flood to pour in, through, and over you bringing rejuvenation and growth to soil that has been left fallow for too long.

May each word typed, skimmed while inhaling comfort food, and pondered draw each of our hearts, minds and souls ever more deeply into the living, true God. Even if the words read are merely a detailed description of a botched attempt to save my kids from utter destruction and my sanity from tailspinning into oblivion.

A good friend recently shared this nugget with me:

Did you know in ages past, people used to sign their letters “Deus Vult”? It is Latin for GOD WILLS IT.

Isn’t that how it should be?

Rather than my Type A personality taking off with another three-fold plan and signing off with confidence that I can indeed follow through and be amazing at EVERYTHING, isn’t it more truthful to offer it all up to Him who is the Author of The Plan in the first place? Therefore, I say…



7 thoughts on “Why (another) Blog?

  1. I feel like we almost went to coffee! You are right that there is NOTHING new under the sun, but our experiences shared keep us close to each other and the Lord! Love Ya

  2. I am just continually amazed by you. One more way to stay close and hear about you and yours. I love your ideas and I get a glimpse of your friends out there in MT. Looking forward to this.

  3. Love you, Girl! You have always had an amazing gift of speaking Truth into our moments of Mommy-craziness…and ALWAYS have the ability to make me laugh at situations when I would rather vent or cry. As you and Chris lead your little pack, carving out a path, your little ones will be blessed! And I can’t wait to keep reading and cheering you on in the process;)

    1. Leighera!!! I LONG to sit with you and throw up on each other about life!!! I am coming home in the fall and am hoping to hit the cities with my kids. Will you be around the area?

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