‘Cuz I’m the Man?

‘Cuz I’m the Man?

Years ago, I heard a mom speaking on a Family Life Today broadcast how she had instilled in her little boys chivalry and leadership. From a young age, the little men were asked to hold doors for ladies, even their sisters. I took this to heart with my own boys. Granted, they are but 4 and 2 years old, but hey, it is never too early to start, right?

Consequently, my encouragements to lead well resulted in our 4 year old crying as he walked down the aisle as the ring bear. I had instructed him to direct his sisters, the poofs of pink tool, down the aisle. His eldest sister felt compelled to pass him up at the turn, to which he responded in tears yelling his sister’s name. Oddly, I felt his struggle. It did not seem to be a prideful “you stole the limelight” cry. Rather, his emotional outburst indicated to me his feeling of failed responsibility.

Asher leading

Naturally, I responded in a very Holy Spirit filled way by whisper yelling at my sweet daughter. I am so pure.

I witnessed his mind wrapping around this concept in another instance shortly following the wedding upset. He and I were to take a bike ride together. Saddling up, I said to him, “You lead and I’ll follow.” His big blue eyes caught mine as he asked, “’Cuz I’m the man?”

“Yes, son, you are the man.”


As I was following behind him, I thought about all the various sorts of manhood he witnesses. Mentally, I began a discourse pleading with him to be a man of integrity, protect others, listen to wise men, hold doors, and have the courage to speak truth bathed in love when others slink back in tolerance.

We stopped at the top of the hill, our turn around point.  This is his favorite part, seeing how fast he can bomb the decline.

God inspired teachable moment:

“Son, now as we go down this hill, you are going to lead and I will follow you. But, do you know what one of the most important things for a leader to consider is? When you are leading be sure to pick the best way for all those behind you. As you look down this road, choose the best side that you think will be best for me to get down.”

Contemplatively, he looked at me, then down the lane as if he was considering what route would be best for his mom. Then off we went.

Upon our return, I could see a sense of accomplishment on his little face as he put the kick stand down on his bike.

There are so many moments like these with these precious gems under our roof, are there not? I miss and mess up so very many of them.

With God’s help, let us raise up a generation of boys who become humble, Spirit filled men who storm the gates of hell for God’s glory as businessmen, missionaries, preachers, teachers, janitors and last but not least, dads.  I pray our boys learn to look ahead and choose the best way for those behind them rather than looking ahead to what benefits them the most.  Jesus, please give us courage to teach courage. Show us when our boys are ready to lead, then give us the strength to let them.

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