JESSICA’S JOURNEY: An Audiobook Review for Kids

JESSICA’S JOURNEY: An Audiobook Review for Kids

Looking down the barrel of a 20+ hour road trip with my kids by myself has me scouring the internet and garage sales for van worthy entertainment.  I give this story 4 1/2 out of 5 sippie cups as it held the attention of my three older children as well as provided great fodder for meaningful conversation following its conclusion.  I took 1/2 of a sippie cup away from its rating because nothing is ever perfect.

 I cannot name the exact fault, but I know there must be one.  Let me know if you find it.  🙂

Jessica 2


Hesba Stretton, an author from the days of yore, had a heart for the hurting children in England. She saw them poorly treated, thrown out into the streets, and abused without consequence.

She sought to fight against this injustice with her pen. Jessica’s Journey is the combination of two of her books. It tells the story of a little girl, Jessica, whose mother treats her horribly and leaves her to fend for herself on the streets of London for much of her days. She stumbles upon a miserly man who, through giving a piece of old bread and a cup of coffee changes the trajectory of both of their lives.

Throughout the story, “Jesus, and God, and Heaven” are eloquently expounded upon through the simple faith of a child.

Our girls, ages six and eight, adored this book. I predict they will have this book memorized by the end of our trip.

COST: Naturally, quality costs. This narration is on the expensive side. If seen through the lens of an investment in life giving words washing over your children, one may very well be able to justify the purchase.  It is available in hard cover, cd, and MP3 download.

WHO SHOULD LISTEN: Kids (5+) and adults alike who are belted into a vehicle and would like an encouraging story to pass the miles.

SCARY SPOT: Jessica’s mom is addicted to the “bitter water.” Consequently, she tosses her daughter down the ladder at one point.


WHERE CAN I GET IT:  Lamplighter Publishing

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