Saving Levi: Left to Die…Destined to Live: A Book Review

Saving Levi: Left to Die…Destined to Live: A Book Review

saving levi

“God, if this is all there is to life, then this is boring and it stinks,” (pg. 17).

Embarrasingly, this sentence has been the discontented battle cry of my heart for the past 7ish years ever since I heard Lisa Misraje Bentley speak this exact sentence on Family Life Today. Hers is the story of a comfortable life, lawyer husband, four healthy kids living in Seattle, WA., wondering if life would always be so predictable.  This book, Saving Levi, is the story of what happened following this heart cry.

God, who seems to laugh at predictability sometimes, uprooted their family and replanted them in mainland China giving them charge over the cast off, special needs orphans. Levi is the little boy who was left to die in a field at six weeks old. Unexpectedly, he stole Lisa’s heart and gave her a passion she never could have envisioned.

We read this book aloud as a family while driving to and from town and church. (It takes a while to get places out here.) When we closed the book on the last page, the kids began plotting how we could adopt four kids, one for each of them.

ENTER: Family adoption prayer.

I always said I would never be Mini Van Mom. I have been driving one for two years now. I have also stated I will NEVER drive a 12 passenger van.  However, increasing the progeny count to eight would require such wheels.  We will see what God does with that one.

WHO SHOULD READ: Lovers of missionary stories, hearts that bleed for orphans and adoption.
WHO SHOULD NOT READ: Hard hearts who prefer posh lives. 🙂
READ ALOUD WITH KIDS: YES. Although, there are graphic pictures of badly burned little Levi as well as corresponding descriptions of what he looked like.

Let me know your thoughts upon completion!

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