I’m Nicer When I’m Sick

I’m Nicer When I’m Sick


My eyes popped open at 5 AM this morning. As I threw my legs over the side of the bed dizziness and nauseousness hit me like a freight train. I have not felt like this in years. The nausea has subsided, the dizziness remains rendering me to a seated position indefinitely. As a result, our home life has slowed from a jog (one can’t go much faster with littles) to an awkward crawl. The girls are alternating school next to me doing just enough to assuage my guilt while the boys destroy the parts of the house I can’t see from my couch.

Guess what I just figured out?

Regrettably, I must admit I am nicer to my children when I am sick. I cannot running shoe pace through the house ordering, overseeing, completing THE LIST. Today is a sock and blanket day. Ironically, just when noise and kid fights should grate at my nerves, the opposite is taking place. Sitting with my head hazy and swirling, betwixt my girls doing their assignments, I am calm even thankful. I am thankful I am sick.  Pretty sure my kids are too.

Note to self when I am well:  Be nicer, slow down, and intentionally watch my kids. They really are such a delight and quite competent.

The kids are now playing outside in the beautiful sunshine under a canopy of burnt yellow trees.


While they are soaking up one of the last days of crisp, fall air, I am scrolling social media.  I chanced upon this article and wanted to share it here, rather than there.  Primarily, I am posting someone else’s words with mine because I do not want to forget them.  This article was an encouragment to me on a day when I do not feel like being a teacher, mom, or wife.  The life of a sloth or slug sounds appealing actually.  The research and words it contains will serve as arrows in my quiver that I can shoot at discouragement when all of this just doesn’t feel worth it.

So, thanks, Andrea Mrozek, for breathing life into my motherhood today through writing this article.

And, NO, I am not pregnant.

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