10 Women I Want My Daughters to Emulate: A Prayer

10 Women I Want My Daughters to Emulate: A Prayer

 Looking over the Lake

Sometimes, I watch my children’s behavior toward a sibling and I cringe, not because of the action displayed, but because of the soil of the child’s heart revealed by the unsightly performance.

There are also times I catch a glimpse of my daughter’s countenance that pierces my heart, for it is a sad look that, at times, seeps into her, causing her little frame to slouch. I ask her what is wrong, she doesn’t know. She is struggling with a thought, a paradigm shifter perhaps, she cannot yet articulate. Do these thoughts revolve around a picture recently scrutinized by her innocent eyes while my back was turned? Did a friend say something to her that does not jive with the values we have been discussing while we walk along the way and sit at the dinner table placing her friend in one corner of the ring and her parents sitting on a bucket in the opposite? Has the enemy shot a missile of doubt or discouragement into her sweet mind causing her thoughts to step into the quicksand of lies so many females sink?

Lily & Clara back

What’s a momma to do? As my daughters develop, I feel their hands that were once clasped behind my neck as they sat safely in my lap where I could shield their senses from evil slipping down to take hold of my hands as they stand beside me looking at the world wondering what it has for them. Their maturation is evident casting a spotlight on my ineptitude as a parent. And we have yet to hit puberty!


Physically barricading them from the battle being waged for their souls has not been completely successful. I have tried. I set up protected sanctuaries, remove harmful data from the abode and have chosen many of their young friends for them only to have one awaken from a nightmare sent straight from the pit. I want them to be strong, sound in mind, sincere. Because of this desire, my prayers for them have transfigured from, “Please keep her safe.” to “Clothe her in the armor needed to withstand the fire that she will endure in life.”

I love reading the stories in the Bible of various women and their deeds of heroism and prowess. One day I found myself praying the names of these women and their dispositions over my children almost reminding God that, if He placed these attributes within women of yore, He can surely do it again in my children. Boldy, I beg Him to commingle within each of my little women a lethal combination of these valiant women that will be a reckoning to the injustices rampant in our world today.

Below is a list of 10 women found in the pages of history whom I pray my girls find to be their heroines and, by God’s grace, will emulate them accordingly.

Therefore, I pray my girls may be like:

  • DEBORAH May they be wise and brave. I pray God grants them victory against armies of the evil one just as He gave victory to Deborah against the Canaanites. (Judges 4)
  • RUTH May their excellent reputations of faithfulness, loyalty, humbleness go before them in their lives. (Ruth 3)
  • ESTHER May they serve bravely with no thought of their own comforts and may they realize they were born for such a time as this and live their lives intentionally as a result. (Esther 4:14)
  • HANNAH May they be constant in prayer knowing only God provides for them. May they also joyfully fulfill any commitments they make to the Lord no matter the cost. (1 Samuel 1-2)
  • MARY May they bypass the busyness of this world to sit at Jesus’ feet. May they sit in His presence, dwell in truth, soak up His love for them. (Luke 10:41-42)
  • LOIS & EUNICE May they live their faith so diligently that their offspring become warriors for the kingdom of God. (2 Timothy 1)
  • SYROPHOENICIAN WOMAN May they be so persistent in asking Jesus for their needs with great faith as this woman did when she begged Jesus to heal her daughter. (Matthew 15:21-28)
  • LYDIA May they serve others with their resources and do their share to spread the truth of Jesus. (Acts 16:12-15)
  • JAEL May they not be afraid to use a tent peg. (Judges 4)
  • and lastly, that they may be like HOLY WOMEN IN FORMER TIMES whose hidden person of the heart was marked by a gentle and quiet spirit which is so very precious to Him. (1 Peter 3:1-6)

Could you imagine with me a generation of girls turned ladies in 15 years whose lives are endowed with these qualities? 1000’s of women firmly planted by streams of water standing up for what is nonnegotiable, standing in front of those who can’t protect themselves all the while on their knees praying, pleading and praising their Maker who has given them the privilege to live so dangerously? I have goose bumps thinking about it.

Lastly, may the fabric of the daughters of all who stumble upon this prayer be intricately woven with cotton (known for being soothing & safe), lace (beauty), wool (soft, strong & durable), silk (the strongest natural fiber in the world), and steel-faithfulness, gentleness, persistence, courage, strength, and humility respectively.

And may they never be afraid to use the tent peg.

NOTE: This is part one of a two part series on praying for our kids. To read the article on praying for the little princes in your home, click here.


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